That Ocean Potion

 jumpsuit c/o Roehampton Road. Shop here

Photography by Melissa de Mata

Ohhh San Francisco. I love living in this city, but there are days when it's so crowded, I find comfort in calmer surroundings. If you're visiting San Francisco and are in search of a local gem, I'm here to share one of my favorite weekend escapes. Just a few short minutes outside SF lies a string of beautiful beaches and breathtaking ocean views. The kind of place where you can cut out all the noise and just appreciate the ocean air. Nothing commercialized or touristy about it. 

Taking Route 1 on the Cabrillo Highway, stay on this road towards Half Moon Bay. Along the way,  you'll come across a bunch of incredible beaches. From The Devils Slide to Montara State Beach, and Moss Beach, all are must-see stops. On a gorgeous sunny day, the drive is nothing short of magical and the vibe is super chill and quaint. 

I'm standing here at Point Montara Lighthouse overlooking the State Beach. The view is pretty incredible. One of my favorite shots with Melissa to date. I've always found it so therapeutic to be around bodies of water. It's an instant mood lifter for sure. :)


Sunny Days in the Bay

Photography by Melissa de Mata

I'm excited to layer up this Fall, but I'm not quite ready for the end of Summer just yet. It's the ease that comes with a great Summer piece I'm in love with. This top perfectly captures three of the coolest trends happening now — the one-shoulder, statement sleeve, and tie details. Here, I have it styled with a denim miniskirt, nude heels, and my customized Pop and Suki camera bag. Though it's ideal for a hot day, come Fall, I see myself wearing it with a sleek boyfriend blazer, high-rise medium wash jeans, and statement earrings. It feels real good to know you can make the most out of what you already have.


How to Style and Shop for Delicate Rings

Beaded ringDiamonds open ringSolstice pinky ring 

Delicate jewelry may be a small part of your outfit, but it can do so much for your look. I almost never leave the house without a bit of spark on. It's become an everyday staple to build up my basic looks. With delicate pieces, the design always feel classic. It goes with all your outfits and you never have to worry about looking too flashy. My go-to's include dainty rings either worn alone or layered together. For good measure, I usually style one on each finger (skipping the index finger) or I stack a few pieces all together on one. 

Quality also matters. When I'm shopping for jewelry, I look for 3 things:

  1. Solid gold or gold-plated pieces - You spend a bit more, but they don't discolor, tarnish, or scratch easily, which means you hold onto them a lot longer. Choosing quality styles also takes the burden away from removing the rings when you're washing your hands or applying lotion. We all know this can be a pain and what's even worse is forgetting to put them back on. I've said goodbye to way too many, already. 
  2. Simple and minimal styles - They are timeless and have a special touch. It could be subtle design details, some texture, or a dainty stone. Each one is slightly different, but looks beautiful alone or stacked together. 
  3. Light in weight - When they feel light as a feather, it looks effortless on. You don't look like you're trying too hard, so your style comes off natural. 

There are a few brands who do this well. Mejuri being my latest favorite. Each piece is handmade from precious metals and comes at an attainable price. I love knowing no matter what I'm wearing, I can easily throw on any of these rings to add some luxe into my look.

*This post was sponsored by Mejuri. All opinions are my own.

A New Kind of Blue

Photography by Melissa de Mata

It seems like every shop you go into, there's no escaping the influx of light blue pieces. It's a major color trend right now. This soft baby blue tone is the new blue and I'm loving it best in a shirt. The latest update takes the cool and crisp structure of a classic button down, giving it a deconstructed, sexy-chic twist. There are so many cool options out there. From off-the-shoulder styles to scrunchy sleeves, I'm into this slightly undone look that shows a bit of skin.

If you're up for a DIY, I created my own version here. First, tie the hem of your classic shirt into a knot to mimic a crop top then leave about 3 buttons undone at the top. Slide the armholes off the shoulder, then neatly fold down the collars until it lands on a spot your comfortable with. That's really all it takes. You can play around, do this with one shoulder or with both, it's up to you. I also included some of my favorite versions ahead, just in case DIYs aren't your thing.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Summer Sweater and Patchwork Jeans

Photography by Julia O Test

Keeping it light and fresh here in the softest cashmere sweater paired with patchwork jeans. In SF, you can be easily fooled when the sun is shining bright. Regardless of what your weather app may say, on high Summer days, the chill always finds its way back into the city, so extra layers are essential. 

Summer sweaters can be hard. You need something light enough to keep you comfy, but also warm enough when the wind picks up. I'm loving this soft mint cashmere sweater option. The side slit and tie details add a special touch to a classic silhouette. With a pair of relaxed patchwork jeans, I'm ready for a coffee stop to running errands. It's a no-fuss chic look that takes minimal effort and is so easy to throw together for a casual weekend outing.

This post was sponsored by Banana Republic. All opinions are my own.