Pretty Please is a SF life and style blog for the stylish seeker. Sharing my outfits against the backdrops of this beautiful city I live in and love. Find easy outfit ideas to elevate your everyday looks, budget-friendly pieces with a high fashion perspective, beauty tips, travel guides and an SF bay area food guide full of cult favorite eateries, all from a local insider. There’s so much to love! I've been here all my life and just when I think I've done everything, there's always something new to discover, nothing really ever gets old.


My Story

Hi! I'm Julie. That's me up there :) I'm a style enthusiast with a background in fashion design, merchandising, and editorial currently working as a Senior Shopping Editor for a pretty awesome company. I started this blog as an editorial portfolio to express my style and creativity. I love bringing out the beauty in products with compelling visuals and meaningful stories and this was the right platform to showcase that. At the same time, I'm hoping this site will inspire you in some way, whether it's guiding your style or your next delicious meal in SF. 

I've always been a firm believer in chasing your dreams no matter what obstacles or challenges exist. The universe will always be in your favor as long as you work hard towards what you want.