I am definitely that girl who overpacks for a vacation, but always end up wearing the same couple pieces. I somehow think there will be plenty of time to switch into 3 cute outfits a day for every outing, but in reality, I’m usually going from one place to another with no time in between to change. Comfort and convenience always wins, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work in your favor. I make sure the look is right for everything on the agenda.

For a tropical getaway, a full day usually involve a cool spot for brunch and long beach days that lead into dinner then drinks. This outfit transitions easily for all 3 occasions. It’s a one-piece swimsuit tucked into a casual skirt and sandals. For brunch, the one-piece doubles as a top so you can throw on a denim skirt to make it feel dressy, but still casual. Go skirt free at the beach and throw it back on for dinner and drinks. All the basics perfect for hot days and warm nights.

Nail the look with the inspired styles below.