Healdsburg is so beautiful as a weekend trip in the summer. Each time my husband and I are in town, we make sure to stop into Portalupi, my favorite wine tasting room for so many reasons. 

Eat + Drink

Wine is best enjoyed with good company, but it’s even better when there’s food involved. Portalupi hits all the right spots. The food and wine pairing is our go-to. The tasting includes 4 amazing wines with 4 elevated bites. We made our way through a variety of whites and reds. Among our top picks included the 2018 Arneis, a crisp and refreshing white wine with notes of green apple and pear. Paired with the parm gnocchi, it was a delicious summer treat. The fruity and elegant pinot noir was also a great one. It was recommended with smoked salmon, but I could easily compliment it with all our pasta dishes at home.

Bites included parm gnocchi, smoked salmon, wild boar bruschetta and gourmet sausage with caramelized onions. 


Sit, Don’t Stand

Enjoy the tasting on a comfy couch, while the Portalupi team takes you through their rich Cal-Ital history and the flavor profiles of each wine. Portalupi’s warm welcome and intimate, yet casual setting allowed us to just sit back, chill, unwind and relax.

I’m never one to drink wine alone or on an empty stomach. It almost always needs to be paired with some food, whether it be cheese and crackers or in this case next-level bites. The food and wine pairing elevates the flavor profiles and the overall experience. 

If you’re planning a weekend trip to Healdsburg, Portalupi Wine is a great option to catch up with friends, for family visiting in town or for some quality time with your significant other.

Thank you to Portalupi Wine for sponsoring this post. To provide you with the most genuine and authentic experiences, all opinions are my own.