Teas in general have powerful antioxidants. There are so many options with super fruits and herbs that are beneficial to everyday health. During my recent trip to New York in October, I ordered a digestive health tea at a brunch spot in Brooklyn. Thinking I would get a tea bag, I was actually served actual fresh fruits and fragrant herbs in hot water. In the freezing weather, the burst of flavor was so refreshing and soothing. Made with fresh mint leaves, real oranges and whole cinnamon sticks, these ingredients are rich in nutrients and all help with indigestion. It’s also a quick and easy way to add vitamins B and C into your daily diet.

The experience left me wanting to create my own version at home. It was super simple. I used these ingredients to make a feel-good tea in under 15 minutes.

  • 2 Stems of Fresh Mint Leaves - The refreshing herb breaks down food to calm the stomach and reduces inflammation. Use as much or as little as you like, depending on how strong you want the taste.

  • 2 Sliced Orange Rounds - With plenty of vitamin C, oranges flush out the toxins in your stomach, in turn cleaning out your digestive tract. Lemons work just as well, but this is the sweeter option.

  • 1 Cinnamon Stick - The spice helps boost your metabolism to support weight loss and lowers blood sugar levels.

  • 1 Strip of Ginger (optional) - A remedy for nausea, migraines and menstrual cramps and it treats cold and flu symptoms.

  • 1 Cup Hot Water

Place the mint leaves, oranges and cinnamon stick into a cup then pour the hot boiling water in. Using a metal spoon, press down the oranges to release the juice, slowly stirring the cup to infuse all the flavors in. Do this for about 30 seconds then let it sit and cool for about 5 minutes and you’ll have a naturally made caffeine-free digestive tea!

Growing up, hot tea has always been a primary drink served after every meal. In Asian cultures, many of the dishes are delicious, but admittedly pretty greasy. Hot tea is used to detoxify all that oil to prevent bloating and promote easy digestion. That’s why you always see it offered at Chinese, Japanese, Thai restaurants etc. Makes sense right? Until this very day, along with lots of water, I drink about 2 cups of tea daily: 1 iced after lunch and 1 hot decaf cup after dinner. Drinking tea has been so effective for me. I swear by it and believe it’s the wonder drink to a healthy digestive system, maintaining a slimming figure and glowing skin.

I’m always looking for new teas and recipes to try, so if you have any recs, drop a note below!