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Delicate jewelry may be a small part of your outfit, but it can do so much for your look. I almost never leave the house without a bit of spark on. It's become an everyday staple to build up my basic looks. With delicate pieces, the design always feel classic. It goes with all your outfits and you never have to worry about looking too flashy. My go-to's include dainty rings either worn alone or layered together. For good measure, I usually style one on each finger (skipping the index finger) or I stack a few pieces all together on one. 

Quality also matters. When I'm shopping for jewelry, I look for 3 things:

  1. Solid gold or gold-plated pieces - You spend a bit more, but they don't discolor, tarnish, or scratch easily, which means you hold onto them a lot longer. Choosing quality styles also takes the burden away from removing the rings when you're washing your hands or applying lotion. We all know this can be a pain and what's even worse is forgetting to put them back on. I've said goodbye to way too many, already. 
  2. Simple and minimal styles - They are timeless and have a special touch. It could be subtle design details, some texture, or a dainty stone. Each one is slightly different, but looks beautiful alone or stacked together. 
  3. Light in weight - When they feel light as a feather, it looks effortless on. You don't look like you're trying too hard, so your style comes off natural. 

There are a few brands who do this well. Mejuri being my latest favorite. Each piece is handmade from precious metals and comes at an attainable price. I love knowing no matter what I'm wearing, I can easily throw on any of these rings to add some luxe into my look.

*This post was sponsored by Mejuri. All opinions are my own.