Photography by Melissa de Mata

It seems like every shop you go into, there's no escaping the influx of light blue pieces. It's a major color trend right now. This soft baby blue tone is the new blue and I'm loving it best in a shirt. The latest update takes the cool and crisp structure of a classic button down, giving it a deconstructed, sexy-chic twist. There are so many cool options out there. From off-the-shoulder styles to scrunchy sleeves, I'm into this slightly undone look that shows a bit of skin.

If you're up for a DIY, I created my own version here. First, tie the hem of your classic shirt into a knot to mimic a crop top then leave about 3 buttons undone at the top. Slide the armholes off the shoulder, then neatly fold down the collars until it lands on a spot your comfortable with. That's really all it takes. You can play around, do this with one shoulder or with both, it's up to you. I also included some of my favorite versions ahead, just in case DIYs aren't your thing.

Thanks for stopping by! :)