Photography by Julia O Test

Here I am again in a fresh all white look. This time though, it's one more appropriate for warm weekends or on a tropical vacation. The top is actually a swimsuit I picked up at Zara, but I added statement bows on the straps. You can check out my quick and easy DIY style hack here. Tucked into my go-to jeans right now, the Levi's Wedgie Icon Fit and some Summer accessories, I'm ready for the hot weather. 

The Sea Cliff neighborhood in SF has always been one of my absolute faves and in the Summertime, its true beauty always comes out. Vibrant flowers frame some of the most charming houses I've seen. With China and Baker Beach just steps away, it's a nice and quaint weekend visit in the city. Go for a walk through these scenic streets then soak in some sun at one of the beaches. Another spot I adore and recommend checking out are the Lyon Street Steps. Just sharing some city gems that have always brought me joy. Thanks for stopping by! :)