Banana Republic jacket c/o // stripe tee // jeans // heels 

Photography by Julia O Test

The arrival of Spring always puts me in the mood for florals. I know, it's not exactly groundbreaking, but with each Spring, new iterations of florals are introduced that look and feel super fresh. This embellished jacket from Banana Republic is one of them. The subtle sprinkle of flowers here is such a cool, fun and feminine take on a field jacket. I am so easily moved by simple, yet well-crafted designs. Many times, I'll look past the garment and really think about the creativity, effort and time it took someone to put all that together. It takes a beautiful mind to come up with an idea and bring it to life.  

This month, I've partnered up with Banana Republic to talk about what moves me and it really comes down to always being inspired by something or someone. Whether it's a visually heavy editorial or a story about girl bosses breaking barriers, these two things keep my creative juices flowing and pushes me to aim higher. When I come across an innovative site or read about business savvy women who've succeeded in their unique ideas, it's as if I feed off that success and it gives me the motivation to think of content ideas and work even harder.

If you find what moves you, that very thing is the core of your beliefs and passions. Always use it to push yourself forward. 

This post was sponsored by Banana Republic. All opinions are my own.