Banana Republic vest // Zara crop top // Ann Taylor skirt // Zara heels Photography by Melissa de Mata

I've had this floral pencil skirt in my closet for months, just waiting to wear it to what I imagined at the time to be a Summer day trip to Napa or a celebratory shower of some sort; a bridal or baby one maybe? That never happened. Still, I was determined to wear it - and so I did, to my friend's wedding.

Many people would argue wearing white to someone else's wedding is a big fat no no, but you can get away with it. The guidelines involve the right ratio of white in your look and pairing it with a dominant color. Just make sure the amount of white doesn't exceed 1/3 of your entire look and build around the white piece with solid colors. For example: I chose a blush top and long-line vest to surround the printed skirt, taking the eyes away from the white. I'm certainly not here to convince you to wear white to a wedding, but if you're ever caught in a situation where you so desperately want to make a piece work, then definitely give this style trick a try.