I've been lucky enough to go this far in life with good skin, without having to worry about breakouts or oily skin, but as I'm getting older (dare I say it), and in my 30s, I'm noticing drastic changes. I'm finally starting to build my top shelf and wanted to share what I've learned, what's important as it relates to skincare and beauty, along with a few of my current favorite products, being Glossier.

I'm definitely drinking the kool-aid when it comes to the no parabens, sulfate-free craze. We consume and are surrounded by so many toxins in our everyday lives, it's vital to our health to decrease the amount of harmful chemicals we absorb where we can. Now, I'm not saying you have to turn your whole life upside down, but pick and choose what works for you. For me, it's important for the products I use the most, on a daily basis to contain the least amount of toxins possible, but for that perfectly pigmented M.A.C red lipstick or that Chanel smoky eye shadow I use occasionally, I'm okay with keeping those. Balance is key.


Because there is no way for me to study every good and bad chemical out there, I discovered the Think Dirty App which measures the levels of toxins in most beauty products so you can make an informed purchasing decision. You simply scan the barcode of the item and the results instantly pop up.  Another perk with this app, you can shake your phone after you scan the item and a healthier, cleaner alternative is suggested for you. Since sometimes, the ingredients on a bottle can look like a foreign language, the app really helped to educate me as I'm shopping for clean products.

Now onto Glossier. . .


Glossier Soothing Face Mist Rosewater Spray

I use this to set my makeup in the morning, but also as a quick pick-me-up to hydrate skin midday. The light and fresh scent is just so calming, it's a great energy boost. I have to also admit, I love the smell so much, I've used it as an air freshener at home. Now, I fully understand why users have a monthly subscription because you can truly get way too spray happy with this one.


Glossier Haloscope Highlighter in Rose Quartz

Finally, a highlighter that brings out a natural glow with a sheen that's subtle and without that glittery fairy dust mess. I apply it upwards the side of my eyes and just a bit above my cheekbones. It brings life to your skin during the day and I love the way the light hits it at night. So radiant and pretty on!


Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask

Of all three products I've tried, the Glossier Moon Mask has impressed me above the rest. I've used it twice a week for a month now and instantly noticed results from day one. I don't like my products to have a strong fragrance and this one leans more towards a fresh and clean scent, which is a huge plus. Leave it on your face for 20 minutes, rinse off and gently pat skin dry with a towel. Your skin feels refreshed, hydrated and ridiculously smooth and supple after.

And guys, with all this beauty talk, keep in mind, it's not only the products you use, but the lifestyle you live contributing to great skin. Drink lots of water, eat your veggies, break a sweat often, and get plenty of sleep. :)

I'll be sharing more products as I continue to experiment so stay tuned. Also, I'm on the hunt for a great natural daily moisturizer that feels light on, so if you have any recs, shoot them on over to me here. Spanks!