Love at first sight is really what it was. I stumbled upon The Mrs. Box in my long search for a ring box that was just as beautiful as my engagement ring. One glance at it and I was fixated. The velvety smooth texture and gold foil monogram had my name written all over it. I was already convinced at this point, I needed to have it - but then I discovered how much it was, $75 for the box and $30 for the monogram. . .so what did I do? Same thing a serious shopper would, go on Etsy in search of something similar, if not exact.

Going through Etsy, I was able to find a few velvet boxes, but nothing came even close to the quality, intricate details or craftsmanship of The Mrs. Box. A few things to know about each Mrs. Box: It comes in a range of dreamy soft colors that are limited in quantity. The velvet exterior has this irresistible luster and shines from every direction you turn it. As for the custom monogram, it's carefully hand done in-house and you can choose from a block or script letter in gold, rose gold or silver.

After weighing my options, I decided to go for it and I'm happy I did. I chose 'The Norah Mae' a peachy, pale blush tone. The Mrs. Box really brings out the beauty of the ring. It looks absolutely gorgeous in the box. 

A pretty ring deserves to live in a pretty box. That just makes total sense to me. Investment, justified. :)

Get yours now HERE.