That Ocean Potion

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Photography by Melissa de Mata

Ohhh San Francisco. I love living in this city, but there are days when it's so crowded, I find comfort in calmer surroundings. If you're visiting San Francisco and are in search of a local gem, I'm here to share one of my favorite weekend escapes. Just a few short minutes outside SF lies a string of beautiful beaches and breathtaking ocean views. The kind of place where you can cut out all the noise and just appreciate the ocean air. Nothing commercialized or touristy about it. 

Taking Route 1 on the Cabrillo Highway, stay on this road towards Half Moon Bay. Along the way,  you'll come across a bunch of incredible beaches. From The Devils Slide to Montara State Beach, and Moss Beach, all are must-see stops. On a gorgeous sunny day, the drive is nothing short of magical and the vibe is super chill and quaint. 

I'm standing here at Point Montara Lighthouse overlooking the State Beach. The view is pretty incredible. One of my favorite shots with Melissa to date. I've always found it so therapeutic to be around bodies of water. It's an instant mood lifter for sure. :)